Focus On: Personal Security

Our “Focus On” digests contain 15-20 information-filled pages taken from our old newsletters and updated.

Use it as a stand-alone document or use individual pages throughout the year. Topics covered in this personal / home security-based digest include:

  • Personal Security is About Common Sense
  • Social Media Q&A
  • Data Breach Q&A
  • Go Find Yourself
  • Passwords
  • Best Password Practices
  • Physical Security Tips for Kids and Family
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online
  • Why We should Care About Home Security
  • Back to School Cyber Tips and Tricks
  • Stealing Identities from Babies
  • Social Media Profile Data Mining
  • The Many Lives Triad
  • Having Lots of “Friends”
  • Trust is Not a Click Away
  • The Worst Password
  • The Cloud is Not Yours
  • The Many Lives of PII
  • The Right to be Forgotten
  • Kids and ID Theft
  • Bed and Breakfast and Breach, Oh My!
  • Dumpster Diving