Anything you download from here is absolutely free. But please make sure that you take a look at the licensing rules.

Licensing Rules:

We are providing all the materials you find here for free, but there are some limitations. Our materials are protected under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. You can read the full license text on Creative Commons’ site by clicking here, or read a summary of all that text by clicking here.


You MAY: Copy and distribute to anyone or any organization, anywhere, in perpetuity. Post on the internet. Resize, reformat, and print as many as you’d like without making any content changes. Insert into non-commercial PowerPoints and other documents. Please do give credit where credit is due (a link would be appreciated!).

You MAY NOT: Alter the footer, wording, copyright notice, or content.Add any logo or name that would indicate you are the content creator. Charge anything monetary for the content. This does include offering these free materials as part of any consultation services that you have been or will be paid for! Embed into for-fee materials without permission. Complain.

You MIGHT: Want branding, translations, word & logo changes, or other licensing rights not specifically given above. If so, email or call +1.727.393.6600.

Customization & Usage of Free Downloads

Our freebies are provided at no cost to anyone who wishes to use them. Unfortunately, we cannot provide customizations to our freebies at no cost. While we understand that different offices have different needs (e.g., translations, subtitles, ADA compliance, etc.), we recognize that our freebies aren’t always able to meet all of those needs.

The videos can be played locally or uploaded to an intranet, learning portal, LMS/LRS, or wherever else you want. They are not subtitled, but all videos can be found on SAC’s YouTube channel with closed captioning.

It is possible to make edits or customizations to any of our freebie items if you’re willing to pay for it. If you fall in love with something you find here and it will be necessary for you to customize it, please contact Jordan Melton ( to discuss the purchase of customization hours.

We will always take suggestions from our clients and potential clients into consideration so that we can make all of our products – including our freebies – more inclusive and more effective. Feel free to submit your own suggestions or opinions!