Licensing Rules

We are providing all the materials you find here for free, but there are some limitations. Our materials are protected under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. You can read the full license text on Creative Commons’ site by clicking here, or read a summary of all that text by clicking here.


You MAY: Copy and distribute to anyone or any organization, anywhere, in perpetuity. Post on the internet. Resize, reformat, and print as many as you’d like without making any content changes. Insert into non-commercial PowerPoints and other documents. Please do give credit where credit is due (a link would be appreciated!).

You MAY NOT: Alter the footer, wording, copyright notice, or content. Charge anything monetary for the image. Add any logo or name that would indicate you are the content creator. Embed into for-fee materials without permission. Complain.

You MIGHT: Want branding, translations, word & logo changes, or other licensing rights not specifically given above. If so, email SACInfo[at] or call +1.727.393.6600.